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Frequently Asked Questions


As some of you may or may not have noticed, we do things a little bit different here and in some cases very different. For example, we sell transmissions, a lot of them, BUT...we do not want to "sell" you a transmission. Wait a sec, that doesn't make sense? Well, we didn't say it will make sense, we said we do things differently. All kidding aside, our intention 

Know Your Options

So, you are about to spend your hard earned dollar on a transmission for your vehicle, and you've taken to the internet to educate yourself about your future purchase.


  • You have three options when it comes to replacing your 42RE transmission:

    • Used 

    • Rebuilt 

    • Re-Manufactured


  • Within those options, the savvy consumer is looking for the:

    • Best Value

    • Best Quality

    • Best Warranty 


Let's take a closer look at those three options with the knowledge of those who know them best. The information below is not intended to sway your decision toward one option or another. It is a summary of our personal industry experience. Ultimately only YOU know which choice fits you best.

A Used 42RE Transmission 

   Used 42RE transmissions are no doubt an enticing option because of they’re affordability. However, locating the exact match to your vehicle can be difficult and sourcing a properly functioning used 42RE Transmission may take several installation & removal attempts before getting a good one. This can quickly balloon into a lot of wasted time and money.    

   "Yea but the company I'm getting it from says it's tested." This is a claim (from the seller) we struggle to believe sometimes and here's why. It's pretty safe to say, nearly all used transmissions come from a junkyard and that a transmission is just one of the thousands of parts that are sold from the vehicle, right? That being said, what makes the junkyard invest over $100,000 in a decent transmission specific dyno testing machine?


A Rebuilt 42RE Transmission

The term rebuilt can have different meanings from shop to shop. For example, whether your rebuilt 42RE transmission will have all of the OE manufacturer updates and upgrades to increase its strength and longevity will vary from shop to shop. A standard rebuild consists of only replacing items that are completely worn out. Items that are marginally still good go back into a rebuilt transmission the way they came out. This is why the average warranty for a rebuilt 42RE transmission is only 1-Year or 12,000 miles.


A Re-manufactured 42RE Transmission

A properly Re-Manufactured transmission will have all the OE manufacturers specified updates and enhancements necessary to ensure the proper function and longevity of the transmission for years to come. Assembly should take place in a clean dust free environment, just as it was from the OE manufacturer. A Re-Manufactured transmission should at least have a 3-Year Warranty. Not all Re-Manufactured Transmissions are created equal. Component selection, manufacturing and testing methods can vary from company to company.

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